One year ago today, May 10th, 2015, I bought the domain

I was growing my health coaching business at the time but as I spent more time in online business groups I found myself helping others with their technical questions. How do I create this e-book and link to my auto-responder? How do I create a link to my Paypal so clients can pay me. What’s a free scheduling tool I can use for clients to book appointments?

It felt natural for me to jump in and help people out. I had a couple of people reach out and ask if I offered these services. No, I don’t….or do I? Maybe I should? So I did.

And one by one, I grew my clientele. I scaled slowly because I knew we were moving cross country and I didn’t want a full load during the transition. Then we ended up living out of a suitcase unplanned for 4 months.

But the best part? I could do my work from anywhere. And so I did. From the coffee shop, on the couch, and taking phone calls in my car so it was quiet.

I put up websites, created email auto-responders, designed PDF e-books, put appointments on calendars, pushed projects around to client’s team members, entered projects in to accounting software, setup Facebook groups and pages, designed social media header images, scheduled blog posts in WordPress, and more.

I’ve worked with clients in a variety of fields including health coaching, healers, and marketing strategists. They’re located around the world from California to Australia.

And now that we’re finally settled in our new part of the world I’m continuing to grow. I’m networking locally. I’m making new friends. But most of all I’m thankful. So thankful for a career that allows me to be home with the kids, that offers me a flexible schedule to work when I want to, and the freedom to do what I want.

I’m thankful that one year ago today I purchased that domain. And I’m still here, doing what I love, helping others.

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