Blogging. The big “b” word that gets thrown around hundreds of times daily in the online entrepreneur world. Of course, it’s a central theme for great reason, but if blogging is a bit of a struggle for you in your business, you may be scratching your head and wondering “why”? Why blog at all, let alone consistently? The truth is, putting out quality content in a predictable pattern reaps some serious benefits for your business. But rather than stop there, let’s take a closer look at just where it helps you most.

1. Visibility

If you’ve run your business online for any amount of time, you’ve probably come up against one of the major frustrations of this life. The internet is BIG. HUGE. Seriously massive. When you run a brick and mortar shop, you’re competing with similar shops in your city, but when you’re primarily run online, you’re competing with the world. Sure, your potential customer base is much larger, but so is the pool of businesses doing something similar.

Blogging consistently gives you a way to be more visible. It allows you to show up over and over again. This gives you the opportunity to be seen more often, more regularly, and maintain that top-of-mind status that is so important to your business.

2. Authority

It’s more than being seen, though. Blogging allows you to share your knowledge and become known as an authority in your field. When you give away valuable content regularly (and your blog content should always be valuable, leave the fluff to the feel-good sections of Buzzfeed and Bustle), people begin to understand that you really know your stuff. Breaking through that barrier and garnering that authoritative perception is a big step for most online businesses and few things build that reputation faster than consistent blogging.

You should aim to post high-quality content bi-weekly, or at least once a week if you can manage. Remember that the longer you take between posts, the higher the expectation that your next post be extra juicy.

3. Trustworthiness

As you share your knowledge and your authority rises, so will the level at which people trust you. When business owners hide all their secrets behind a paywall, it’s often a gamble for customers. In a world where the space is saturated with e-courses and e-books that end up leaving the buyer disappointed, there is serious value in building trust by giving away some (not all, of course!) of your knowledge for free.

Letting people know you really DO know your stuff, and that they can get to know you before hiring you builds a level of trustworthiness that no other marketing technique can achieve. The returns on trust and authority are so worth being generous with your knowledge up front. It truly is possible to strike a beneficial balance between generosity and profit.

4. Hello, Web Presence

Think about how you approach online shopping and service-buying. If it’s a new company, someone you’ve never worked with before, what do you do first when you land on their website? Probably peruse the about section, see what they are all about, and then? I’m guessing you click over to the blog tab. You may not even be interested in diving deep into the content at this point, but chances are you click over there to see if they’ve posted anything recently. When the date on the last post is from 6 months or a year ago, it’s kind of a turn off. (Tip: if you’re not a consistent blogger, turn off the dates on your posts)

The internet moves fast, and having an updated, consistent web presence is a huge part of running your business successfully. No one expects you to overhaul your website copy every few weeks, but you still need to be present and be A PRESENCE on the internet. Consistent blogging is an easily accessible way to do that.

So, now that you know how it can supercharge your business, what’s something you want to try to up your blogging game?

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