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Facebook Ads.
Email sequences.

It’s confusing, hard to keep up with, and not what you want to spend your time learning or working on. 

Sure, it’s also imperative to get new customers in the door and increase sales.

But right now it’s not happening at all.

→ Enter Strong Virtual Support.

We handle your digital marketing needs to increase client leads and build brand awareness. 

If you’re struggling to keep up with blog posts, newsletters or email sequences…
If you’re ready to increase client leads through Facebook Ads…

We’re here for you.

Why hire an outsourced marketing and design team? 


Save Money

No need to provide office space or supplies. Only pay for the time spent working on projects.


Gain Freedom

Freedom to focus on doing what you love…whether that’s building your business or spending more time with family & friends.


Grow Your Business

Handing off tasks to an outsourced marketing team gives you more time to focus on revenue generating tasks.


Access to Experience

We have experience & knowledge in a variety of programs and solutions that can be implemented in your business – no training necessary!


Avoid Downtime

Unlike a traditional office setting – no coffee breaks or extended lunch hours that cut into productivity and costs.


Increase Productivity

There’s only so many hours in a day – make the most of your time by outsourcing part of your To Do list.

Working with Amanda is owning piece of mind. Her confident management of projects and coordination of my team’s deliverables has created efficiencies that allow me to step back from many of the day-to-day project tasks in my business – which is essential for growth! Amanda is also just a joy to work with; our team was quickly won over by her warm personality.
Krystina Feucht

Founder & Marketing Strategist, Modi Marketing

Services Offered

Content Marketing

We help you put out consistent blog content to keep clients informed and engaged.  Management of your email marketing to help grow your list. Creating and scheduling social media posts for a consistent presence online.

Design Services

Step up your branding game with a new logo. Brand board, social media image templates, or blog image templates  to create brand consistency. We can also design your PDF workbooks, social media cover images, and more.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Management of your Facebook ad campaigns to increase brand awareness and grow client leads. Facebook has more than 2 billion daily active users and powerful targeting. Don’t miss out on this amazing advertising opportunity!

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